Session Five Assignment. Conclusions



Going through my studies I came to the conclusion that the environment and society does have a factor in depression. 

Vitamin D is very helpful to the brain because it helps reduces inflation of brain cells, the inflated cells is a heavy cause of depression. Norwegians do not get much vitamin D because of the lack of sunlight during the winter, increasing the rates of depression. 

Alcohol does not help depression but in fact it makes it worse. Alcohol reduces your brain’s Serotonin. Serotonin controls the nerves of happiness, if lowered it causes depression. Anti- depressants job is to raise your Serotonin, thats why drinking shouldn’t be mixed with anti-depresants. The amount of drugs and alcohol being consumed is scaring because it is just increasing the depression rate.







One thought on “Session Five Assignment. Conclusions

  1. I agree with your conclusion because you did a very good job of explaining your points, therefore it is very easy to see your position and agree with it. You gave some valid points on why the environment most likely has impact on the emotional stability of Norwegians. I thought it was an impressive idea because it impacts so many people, yet it isn’t a well known subject. The variety of reasons you gave was impressive to. You didn’t focus on one factor of depression, you talked about many (Vitamin D, Alcohol, etc.). You could improve the analysis of your points and further explain yourself. You could also improve the length and depth of some ideas you mention. Overall great job Michael! Love all the pictures!! 🙂

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